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Goals in Life

You only have one life. Set bigger goals.

We all have goals in life. And that, motivates us to strive harder. There’s nothing wrong in setting bigger goals as long as you can stand for it and work for it. I can’t imagine my life in 15 years, so I decided to start setting my goal to at least have a reference. To have a life worth living. Here areΒ my top goals in life: Continue reading “Goals in Life”

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How it feels growing up Sensitive and Quiet

I’m the type of person who is very observant that I get to notice almost everything even the simplest thing. Sometimes I easily characterize a person because of their shown actions. I’m also the type of person that is way too sensitive but is very subtle and low-key –– living a tranquil life.

Continue reading “How it feels growing up Sensitive and Quiet”