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Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe

One of my worthwhile experience before going back on stressful school days. And one of the best Cafe I’ve ever been! As in!!! I consider this on top among all the cafes we’ve been. We came here unexpectedly. We were looking for a cafe around Tagaytay City (since we, especially me, love to eat at different cafes) during our overnight stay there and we’ve found this. Continue reading “Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe”

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Unicorn Dream Cafe

Unicorn is a mythical creature. A real unicorn looks like a horse with a single pointed and spiraling horn but when our wild imagination has been used, it becomes a cutie and magical one. The internet went crazy on this new trendy cafe.

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Cafe by the Ruins Dua

The original Cafe by the Ruins also known as Baguio’s beloved culinary icon was partially burned last April 30, 2017. The good thing was all the staffs and guests were safe. The cause of the fire is still under investigation. Cafe by the Ruins Dua is the newest extension of the original establishment Cafe by the Ruins. It still keeps many of the old favorites from the first branch, but Dua’s menu is more seasonal and vigorous.  Continue reading “Cafe by the Ruins Dua”

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Inflatable Island Ph

I had another adventure at Inflatable Island Ph, known to be the biggest floating playground in Asia. It has 3,400 sqm inflatable island which is said to be as big as 8 basketball courts. The depth of the Inflatable Island ranges from 6 to 15 feet so you will really need a life vest for safety when you fall in the ocean. I must say that it was really a roller coaster experience. We expected so much yet turns out substandardly. So what you’re gonna read was just my honest review and opinion.

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Scriptures Cafe

Scriptures Cafe is a coffee shop with homey vibes and ambiance of praise, worship, rest and relaxation for people who want fellowship. I’ve been here about five times already (I think more than five however) usually with my friends and family. This is a must try cafe because it is affordable, the food’s superb plus the place is instagrammable and at the same time filled with biblical verses that’ll make you appreciate everything Jesus had done for us. Continue reading “Scriptures Cafe”

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Foodtrips in Taipei (Taiwan)

A travel to a certain country wouldn’t be complete without tasting their authentic foods most especially to a hungry girl like me!! We had a 6-day stay at City Suites, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan. For me, traveling isn’t just about the tour and journey but also the food experience together with new learnings and discoveries about their culture and lifestyle. Continue reading “Foodtrips in Taipei (Taiwan)”

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How it feels growing up Sensitive and Quiet

I’m the type of person who is very observant that I get to notice almost everything even the simplest thing. Sometimes I easily characterize a person because of their shown actions. I’m also the type of person that is way too sensitive but is very subtle and low-key –– living a tranquil life.

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My Love for Baking

I started baking just this July 2016. And I am so happy everything turns out well. Wasn’t expecting of discovering this talent. So yeah, good things take time, as well as talent. Before, I really feel  useless, no talents at all. I can’t dance and sing as well, can’t cook, don’t know any sports and can’t even play instruments. But now, I’m slowly learning to play volleyball and bake some random baked goods.

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