My Basic OOTDs

We have our own sense of style. For me, I’m not that classy when it comes to fashion. I must admit, I find it hard styling myself. But eventually learning since it is needed as I grow older. I love it when I look perfectly fine even when wearing my simplest piece of clothing. But the most important thing about dressing up is that we should dress according to wherever we are going. You know the rules what to wear when going to church, aye? And also, you must take note and be aware of the environment in your destination. Take extra care and be vigilant since there is no safe place anymore. But I don’t meddle with whatever you want to wear, just giving out some tips. Just wear what you want to wear as long as you are comfortable. Whatever you wear, you are BEAUTIFUL! ♥ Always remember that! 😉

Sharing some of my basic OOTDs and style during our recent travels. Pardon me, I’m not a fashionista. But I dress according to my mood or whatever I want to.


F A B  L O O K

White off-shoulder top from tiangge, Denim Skirt with slit from Surplus, and White old skool from Vans

This was my favorite denim skirt. I feel confident wearing this one. Best paired with an off-shoulder and a sneaker or a pair of high heels can also do. And as you can see, I’m holding a white blazer. Only because I’m not that comfortable exposing my shoulders off. LOL. I grew up in a conservative family so I don’t feel wearing much exposed clothes.



S I M P L E  C H I C  S T Y L E

Denim jacket from Terranova, Floral dress from Candies’, and White old skool from Vans

Wearing a dress is less hassle for me. Less time consumed unlike wearing a two separate clothing that needs brainstorming on what perfectly match together. But a tall girl struggle? So hard to find a dress with average length for me. It always turns out ‘bitin’ and I hate it so much because I am long-legged so it’s really obvious when I skirt or dress is too short. That’s why I still prefer long dress.



M I N I M A L I S T  L O O K

White blazer and Jumpsuit from Fashion buffet, Band sandals from Payless (Lower East Side), Bonnet from Surplus

Another easy peasy outfit. Looks like I’m about to sleep wearing this classy pajamas. I call it a minimalist outfit since the printed design looks very artsy and I appreciate art in those simple designs. And yes, I’m wearing a blazer once again because it is too exposed. Spaghetti strap and cross back it is.


B A K A S Y O N I S T A  L O O K2017_0524_11365200

Long dress from SM Department Store, Ribbon sling bag from Terranova, and sandals from Payless (Lower East Side)

More like haciendera look. Kidding. This long dress perfectly suits me ❤ I love long dresses so now you have a gift idea on my birthday 😉 Kidding aside, this is my kind of outfit. Simple yet head-turner. Perfect aura on the beach!



S I M P L E  L O O K

Turtle neck top from Fashion buffet, Loose 3/4 pants from tiangge, and White old skool from Vans

Another simple OOTD but catchy and instagrammable. Also comfortable since it’s not that revealing. Decent and trendy look together with the ‘sakit ulo’ pose.



D A R L I N G  L O O K

Jumpskirt from tiangge, Lace up shoes from Parisian

I’m a bit uncomfortable with this one because it is too short but my mom would be so mad if I didn’t wear my clothes. Lol. Moms. But lovin’ my lace up shoes anyway!!

And yep, as you’ve noticed, I love shopping at different ‘tiangge’. I prefer it more than shopping in malls because I have observed that mostly they have the same style and quality but have a big difference when it comes to price. So I first look for some stuffs at tiangge and when it is not available or they have no stocks at all, no choice but to buy it at malls. One advantage of shopping at tiangge is you can haggle and save more money.

These are just my basic OOTDs. How about you? What’s your style?


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