The Journal

15 Random Facts About Me

Get to know more about me through these random facts 😉

  1. I may have a princess-y tag name (Queen D.) but believe me, I know how to do household chores except for cooking. Huhu! I’m still trying. But there are also times that I feel lazy.

  2. I love the smell of a newly cooked pasta. Idk, seems weird but yeah, I almost sniff the pasta noodles into my nose every time I smell it. It’s so addicting.

  3. I’m very moody, emotional, and playful at the same time. Lol. My roller coaster of emotions. Sometimes depends on the people around me. And sometimes depends on how my morning started.

  4. I’m very needy. Sometimes by material things and most of the times by attention and appreciation. I love the feeling of being appreciated that lifts up my spirit because there are times I suddenly feel lonely and lose interest in everything.

  5. I love spicy foods!! (Except the chili ice cream and other spicy desserts, yikes!)

  6. I started hating Science subject since the day I took the NCAE (National Career Assessment Examination) It was really hard for me! I realize that I love Math more than Science. Promised myself that I would never ever take the STEM track in my Senior High School.

  7. Sometimes I love being alone at my room, surfing the internet or playing some real loud music, then take a nap.

  8. People always have the first impression in me as mataray. Well, I really am but only to those people I don’t like or sometimes it’s just my resting ‘biatch’ face that makes me look so crabbed. But trust me, I’m also that weird, good-humored, and goofy friend. Haha! Get to know the real me and you’ll be shocked and you’ll regret calling me mataray.

  9. I easily get attached to someone that’s why my feelings gets hurt easily. Most of them took advantage of me but here I am now, strong and independent and don’t need that kind of negativity in my life. 😉

  10. I’m not the kind of person that is very showy of what I feel because I keep it in my heart and mind. And most of the time the simplest things matters the most to me. There are instances where I eventually cry out of nowhere because I appreciate the simple things in life.

  11. I love watching movies TV Series. (Aghhh, A Walk To Remember was the best!!)

  12. As I grow older, I slowly realize the importance of choosing a friend properly. It’s that easy to have a lot of friends, what’s not easy? To have a real one. To have a real one stay.

  13. I’m a quiet person because I’m very observant in my surroundings. I notice almost everything. (I remember before, I saw shoplifters at a grocery store taking some products into their bags but I didn’t make I move because I was scared as they looked at me real bad.)

  14. I love taking selfies but it is really hard to find my perfect angle. I think i’m getting a perfect angle during my 100th selfie. So stressful!!

  15. I have this tiny notebook that I bring with me anywhere I go where I write my random thoughts and feelings. It looks like scratch. But I find it pleasing since it serves as my stress reliever.


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